Gold International Diamond

Gold International Diamond

To qualify as a Gold International Diamond:

  • 100 PV every month*
  • Personally-enrolled 12 distributors at 100 PV per month (At least half must be frontline.)
  • Monthly three-level volume of 20,000 LP without compression
  • Monthly total volume of 250,000 Organizational Volume (OV)
  • Three International Diamond legs with a volume of 50,000 OV each**
  • NEW! Prior to achieving the Gold International Diamond rank for the first time, distributors must reach the ID 150 K level at least one time.+

”*Principal Volume (PV): The total LP for product purchases from customers you enroll, customers on your My4Life website, products you purchase to consume or sell for a retail profit, and customer purchases made directly on your distributor account.

**Legs must be separate and have at least one distributor at the indicated rank or higher. Qualifying distributors in the legs do not have to be frontline.

+This change is effective for the May 2018 bonus period.