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International Diamond - SPAIN

Claudia Martínez & José Megia President's Club

My childhood wasn’t easy. By the time I was 24 years old, I was already the mother of three girls. When I turned 30, I had experienced so many difficult things that my spirit had become bitter and closed off. Because of the pain, discouragement, and resentment, I pushed away anyone who came into in my life. I first heard about the 4Life opportunity in 2007. In the process of understanding it better, I also began to understand that all the pain in my life was necessary to grow, in order to help me become the woman I am today, and to be able to help other people recover their sense of self. 4Life has helped me to find new significance to my life. Like the Phoenix, I rose from the ashes and became a new woman, a woman with financial and emotional success, a woman capable of restoring other people, and putting a smile on their faces. I now feel confident and empowered to help thousands of people in desperate circumstances. Nowadays I am able, along with my family, to teach others how to dream, provide them with the knowledge they lack, show them the road to take charge of their lives, and share the tools that will help them achieve happiness. I see the International Networkers Team as the best entrepreneur and leadership school available because it allows people like me to have a real option for a balanced and stable life in both the short-term and the long-term. I love sharing this opportunity with everyone around the world who needs a second chance, just as I did.


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