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International Diamond - US

Maricruz Mora President's Club

Before I found 4Life, I had spent the previous seven years working between 14 and 16-hour days as a taxi driver and I had very limited time with my family. I asked God for the opportunity to spend more time with my three kids. I am grateful to Presidential Diamond Laura Flores, who shared 4Life with me. I didn’t understand the opportunity at first, but I did understand that retirement was possible within two to five years. I shared the message with my husband, and he didn’t think it was possible, but I told him there was nothing to lose. I decided to start my business, and I refused to let anything stop me—even when I found out I was pregnant. I decided that if God had sent me another baby, it was because I could handle it. I never doubted that my 4Life business would succeed. Now, when someone tells me that something isn’t possible, it gives me the strength to push harder and keep going.


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