Yadira Olivo

Platinum International Diamond - PUERTO RICO

Yadira Olivo President's Club

When I think of unity, I think of family, especially the family unit I’ve formed as a result of my work with 4Life®. I have shared many important moments with my 4Life family members. When I’m with them, I feel supported, respected, and understood. They also challenge me to do my best and to take steps beyond my limits. We are a group of people united by ties of unbreakable fellowship. Time has taught me that the greatest thing I can do for my team members is to be there for them and appreciate everyone’s unique strengths. Actions speak louder than words, and creating a harmonious and effective synergy is priceless. The foundation of everything is trust. With this trust, team members can transfer loyalty and selfless support outside their downline, so that continuous networking happens. Within a family and a well-functioning business team, each member should trust and give in a selfless way. My greatest satisfaction comes when I see the pride of team members who have achieved their goals. Mothers want the best for their children, and each member of my team is like one of my kids. I enjoy teaching and helping them accomplish new successes. Their dreams are my dreams, and united, we will strive to achieve them.