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Gold International Diamond - PUERTO RICO

Lourdes Garcia President's Club

Having freedom is considering what you have, how you got it, and whether or not you’ll take advantage of it by helping others find the same freedom. Absolute freedom is service; it connects you with your true purpose and makes life worth living. With such a perspective, you can’t help but realize just what a great gift you’ve been given with 4Life, and though you’ve worked hard to achieve it, freedom is still a tremendous blessing. This remarkable company, 4Life, has been my role model when it comes to achieving freedom. The company’s approach to success—encouragement through example—has taught me the importance of helping others by working together. The 4Life opportunity has helped me be proactive when it comes to building others into a team, reminding me that I will remain free as long as I build others. Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee, and their team, are excellent examples of how being free and successful works. Getting the knowledge to develop and build a productive and profitable 4Life business will allow you to discover the unlimited potential that this opportunity can offer you in reaching freedom. It is simply a matter of making up your mind and believing that you can enjoy the so-valued prize called freedom. For 11 years, I have had a couple of principles that have motivated me to stay on my freedom path, specifically commitment and loyalty. Along with my family and children, the International Networkers Team, and our extended 4Life family, our common goal has been to grow and support each other. This is what fuels my passion for making this a century that will, without a doubt, be one of great freedom and prosperity.


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