Jung Kwang Rye my4Life

International Diamond - SOUTH KOREA

Jung Kwang Rye President's Club

I discovered the true value and vision of 4Life through Platinum International Diamond Dr. Jase Khyeam. Compared to other network marketing companies, 4Life has a compensation plan that’s designed to help distributors achieve success quickly. And, the products are great!* Thanks to 4Life, I happily greet the morning every day. Before I reached the rank of International Diamond, I attended a lot of educational trainings about the programs, products, and compensation plan. Work closely with your team members and learn from your sponsors. It’s important to have an honest heart to successfully share the value of 4Life products and the business opportunity. I was convinced that I could be successful and this confidence allowed me to fearlessly overcome challenges. I know if I do my best, I can achieve my goals, reach my dreams, travel with my family, and enjoy a good income. My new goal is to achieve the Gold International Diamond rank and eventually become a Platinum International Diamond. I will always work to be a good leader, help my team members achieve success, and share 4Life throughout the world.


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