Alba Lucia Romero De Ocampo my4Life

International Diamond - EMERGING MARKET

Alba Lucia Romero De Ocampo

In my beginnings with 4Life®, there was a lot of opposition and little encouragement from those around me. My husband and children were skeptical about the opportunity, but I felt that there was something special about it.

Life was difficult in our humble home, with sparse resources or outlets for growth. I decided to work through the obstacles and leave my position in sales for the chance to work with 4Life. Two years later, I am seeing the kind of success that I never thought was possible.

My husband was able to quit his job as a cab driver and work with me on our 4Life business only four months after I started with the company. We now have plenty of time to spend with one another, as well as with our wonderful children. We have been able to buy a new home and a new car, and travel as a family. 4Life has given us financial freedom, the chance to work with people, and a product in which we believe. I am grateful every day for this company and the way it has changed my life.


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