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Ileana & Hugo Johnson

The fundamental core of the word “united” is all about family, and I believe that’s also what 4Life® represents. Over the years, what I once saw as only a business has become like a second family. As we’ve worked together to build our business, the relationships between our distributors, customers, and us have evolved into strong and meaningful bonds. We enjoy spending time with other members of the 4Life family and appreciate the unique qualities each brings to the team. Not only can distributors transform their personal lives by gaining more freedom with this opportunity, but they can also become leaders and attain personal and professional fulfillment. As the individual commitment of each team member grows, everyone discovers the true purpose and meaning of Together, Building People®—becoming unified to build better communities. It gives me great personal satisfaction to see how my team members and their families have been transformed by the opportunities that 4Life provides. When it’s all said and done, unity bonds people. In the process of building our business, we stay committed to our team relationships because we understand that our purpose—being united together for a common goal—is bigger than our personal differences. We can grow and learn from relationships and build our organizations to be key parts of a worldwide community.


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