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Mike & Marsha Akins President's Club

4Life Research™ is a network marketer’s paradise! I have been involved in network marketing since I was 19-years-old, and have spent a great deal of time selecting my last great venture in this industry. I researched 342 different opportunities in all. Now after 13 years of being with 4Life, I am completely convinced that it is miles ahead of any other network marketing opportunity. 4Life is fulfilling our lifelong ambition by providing an avenue that allows us to make a difference in as many lives as possible. Through the tremendous income 4Life provides, I’m able to offer 4Life products to a great number of people in need of health support. Marsha and I have also founded and help support a private school for disadvantaged children. We develop programs to help these children learn how to escape a destiny of emotional challenges and poor choices. Our 4Life business has provided us with the financial resources to reach the homeless, the elderly, and run-away teenagers who are vulnerable to life on the streets. 4Life’s superior products provide us with the tools to help hundreds of thousands of individuals experience the health support they need for their bodies. It is so rewarding to travel the world and have so many people hug us with tears in their eyes because we connected them to such astounding products.


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