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Tom Paredes

The desire for freedom is universal; people in every country and culture long for it. The desire for freedom will attract prospects to your program no matter where you go. You won’t have to worry about cultural differences, what products the people in a particular area of the country want, or even if a prospect wants what you have to offer them, because everyone wants freedom. With the 4Life opportunity, you can offer both time freedom and financial freedom. Think of the advantages of having no business competition because you’re the only one able to offer the opportunity for lifestyle freedom. It’s a marketer’s dream! While everyone else is saying, “My product has ten more milligrams of magic than their product,” or, “My program pays out better on level three if you get at least two managers in your first month,” you can offer them an opportunity for lifestyle freedom. No one else is offering freedom, only you. Everyone else is offering a 2% bonus on level six or an extra magic ingredient. All this confuses the prospect. You’re the only one offering freedom, so there’s no competition. You’re not going to be part of the confusing horde of greedy salespeople trying to impress the prospect with some minor advantage in product or compensation plan. You’ll stand out in the crowd. You’ll be the only person the prospect focuses on because you’re the only person who can offer what the prospect desperately wants: an opportunity for lifestyle freedom. Now you can simply stand on the sidelines and smile at all the busy networkers running around with flipcharts, DVDs, brochures, catalogs, and samples. They simply don’t have what their prospects really want, which means that despite their efforts, they reap few results. As a 4Life distributor, you can concentrate on the real core values that offer people the lifestyle they want, and these efforts will help you achieve success.


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