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Renaldo & Lymari Sánchez

For us, freedom means establishing your own priorities and choosing how you’d like to live. It is having control and setting your own limits. Right after getting my degree in marketing, I found a job at a local movie theater working evenings and earning a meager salary. My wife, who was trained as an engineer, worked at a pharmaceutical company during the day. It seemed like we never had time to be together, and if that wasn’t bad enough, we carried a lot of debt. This wasn’t the way we wanted to live, but because of our situation, we were forced to prioritize. Unfortunately, this put our family last. This is when we decided we wanted to be free. We knew we needed to awake, arise, and take action. 4Life was the vehicle God put in our path to help us reach our desired freedom! Thanks to 4Life, we now have control over our time and finances, and we have peace of mind in knowing our future is guaranteed. With our 4Life business, we have found that by helping others attain their freedom, it has helped us reach ours. When we have good self-esteem, work on personal growth, and develop our full potential, we can reach out to others and truly lift them up. The reason we stay on the 4Life path to freedom is because of our daughter Emma. Because of her, our goals are clear, and we work on them daily to create a legacy of freedom.


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