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Gold International Diamond - INDONESIA

Christin & Agus Soemarsono

When I first heard about 4Life, I was a housewife with no income. I had learned about the business from my therapist, International Diamond Danny Wijaya Teja Admaja. Today, I build my 4Life business with my husband, Agus. Accomplishing our dreams is the foundation of our business. I believe that achieving the rank of Gold International Diamond is the result of the hard work of our entire team. Success means great effort, teamwork, and responsibility. It means becoming wiser and wealthier. I achieved success when my organization began to grow month after month. I believe that being a 4Life leader is all about inspiring people. I am grateful for the wonderful health support offered by 4Life Transfer Factor® products and especially for the way in which they have supported my daughter’s health. My favorite 4Life experience so far has been attending Convention 2013: Live Your Dreams. Since joining 4Life, we have enjoyed vacationing together as a family. I encourage everyone to believe, have a dream, and commit to 4Life.


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