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Platinum International Diamond - US

Ray & Barbara Meurer

Before 4Life®, I was broke and depressed. 4Life gave me a reason to believe that I could keep the promise I made to myself to be a good provider and unite our family. In the beginning of my 4Life journey, “united” referred to my commitment to unite my family by a common vision for a better life. Today, it means being united by a commitment to serve the members of my team. By supporting other distributors, we have built a community that feels like a second family. Focusing on service and uniting our community helped my family achieve our best vision of life. When you’re a part of 4Life, you will grow, change, and lead others. We’ve traveled to many countries with 4Life, and now we have 4Life family members around the world. Family members stick together, last forever, and don’t give up on one another. I have come to see the positive in everyone I meet. I can help others discover their gifts and navigate their life journeys. I tell people, “It’s not easy, but together we can do it.” I teach others about the path to success and act as a role model. With 4Life, I learned how to be a true leader and bring people together. I have come to realize that anyone can succeed with 4Life. A person’s starting point doesn’t matter. At 4Life, everyone is supported by a united family.