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Platinum International Diamond - US

Bonnie Taylor

During the many years I have worked with 4Life®, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is the need for team bonding. The leaders of 4Life started with this same belief, and we have always been committed to Together, Building People®. I began with 4Life in 1998, and as I saw my team grow, I knew it was imperative that my group members become friends and work together. Achieving unity requires commitment and good relationships between mentors and mentees. To have bonded teams, distributors must feel secure in their decision to work for the company and on their particular team. They need to know their leaders care about them and are supportive mentors. Through training that emphasizes team bonding, even people who don’t have previous distributor experience can take the first step in the industry. By participating in hands-on-training and taking new people through the steps to advance and earn income, they grow in their commitment to the business. At the same time, they grow in knowledge and experience, which allows them to continue developing personally. We have always encouraged teams from different countries to meet each other, incorporating business classes and social environments. They meet each other, create friendships and bonding across borders, and increase their ability to grow personally and professionally. We supply basic training in many languages on our website, so everyone has the opportunity to evolve. Members of many teams run with open arms toward each other at conventions, and we feel united.