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Dave & Gabriela Daughtrey

We achieve true unity when all of the members of our team work together to create a positive force that is more powerful than any of us could create by ourselves. Potential prospects will see this togetherness and want to be part of the positive energy that comes from working together as a 4Life® team! When we have this wonderful team dynamic, success naturally follows. I find that it’s important to identify every team member’s individual strengths, so new skills can be developed with the person’s unique talents in mind. Many skills are used in network marketing, and everyone brings something new to the table. The reality of our business is that the more people we help achieve their dreams, the more successful we will be in achieving our own dreams. This type of interdependence creates a connected whole and great relationships that can last a lifetime. The best way to help any team feel united is to involve your team members in the process of building your organization, because when someone is involved, he is much more committed. The more involved a distributor is, the greater the chance that he will duplicate a positive building process for his own team. It’s also helpful to involve your team members in presentations—anything from giving a testimonial to participating in a presentation to a prospect. When you lead by example, your team can reach more people and truly be united.