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Gold International Diamond - US

Leo & Jordanna Espinosa

I worked at 4Life Global Headquarters for six years before I become a distributor. After watching the success of so many distributors, my wife and I decided that pursuing the business opportunity was the best way to achieve the flexibility with our schedule we desired. Now, I have time to work out at the gym, take my kids to school, and enjoy breakfast with my wife every morning so we can discuss our dreams and goals. We have the ability to live anywhere we want and for as long as we want. In fact, we recently spent 14 months building our business in Peru. With 4Life, everything starts with friendship. Our business is built on friendship and the understanding that teamwork is crucial for success. You can trust in 4Life because I know the executives make it their sacred responsibility to support the dreams of each person who is part of the company. They will not fail us. We are also grateful for the International Networkers Team for always supporting us and providing a proven system to guide us. Remember, success is not an accident—it’s the result of constantly living up to your full potential. Work to improve yourself every day, use your imagination and never, ever give up!


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