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International Diamond - BELGIUM

Nathalie Nauwelaers

In February 2010, International Diamond Flora Verresen and Gold International Diamond Carlos Rocha came to Belgium to introduce the 4Life opportunity. I was stunned by the information they gave me. I followed my intuition and signed up immediately. I told myself that if all the information presented was true, then I had to do something with it because I felt it could mean a lot for the world. For 16 years I ran a business travel agency, but because of the Internet and the changes it brought to the travel market, our business was not the same anymore, so we decided to close our office. We were left alone. However, with 4Life, you are never alone! You work with a lot of people who are always willing to help you, and that is how I achieved my successes. By setting goals, you fill yourself with passion about what you want to achieve and keep on going. Never, never let go!!! Because of my success, I was able to spend all the time I needed with my newborn baby boy, and I’m happy that I was able to give him so much attention. Having more time has also allowed me to grow to become a better person.


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