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International Diamond - PHILIPPINES

Roel Buban

Most of the 4Life distributors in the Philippines know me as the cotton candy man, because I use to sell cotton candy in the streets of my hometown using my old, manually-operated machine. As a father of five children, my daily earnings weren’t enough to support my family’s basic needs, including my children’s education. In December 2009, my church pastor gave me a ticket for the 4Life Philippines’ annual year-end recognition event, which was held at a plush Manila hotel. I saw it as an opportunity to receive a free, delicious meal, so I attended the event. It was there that I heard distributors testify about how the 4Life opportunity had enriched their lives. I felt inspired by what I had heard and knew that I, too, could improve my life through this business opportunity. I immediately signed up as a distributor. During the next three months, after selling cotton candy in the morning, I spent afternoons attending product presentations at 4Life’s Manila office. I tried to grasp and absorb as much as I could about 4Life products. I tried sharing the 4Life opportunity with my relatives and friends, but was turned down by more than 700 of them, yet I persisted. Finally, my persistence and hard work paid off. My income from my 4Life business helped me turn my life around. My family and I have moved into a condominium, I sent my children back to school, and I recently purchased a brand new car. In addition to providing a better life for my family, I achieved my childhood dream of riding on a plane. I’ve traveled to many places, including Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore, Bali, and Miami, Florida. In 2014, I received the Silver Dollar award. My success is proof that no matter what your background, with hard work and determination you can change your destiny through 4Life.


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