Fernanda Oseguera & Miguel Angel Domínguez my4Life

International Diamond - MEXICO

Fernanda Oseguera & Miguel Angel Domínguez

Transfer Factor México has been an enriching experience in our lives. We have been learning individually and as a couple during these four years. We have realized that achieving new ranks of success and increasing our income, not only depends on signing up and training people, but on emerging in a process of reflection and internal growth. Learning to develop a network has led us to face out biggest fears, and that has allowed us to bring out the best of ourselves as individuals, leaders and as members of a team. The most important thing that we have learned during our path to achieve the International Diamond rank is that when you make the decision to commit to the dreams of your downline and leave aside your own dreams, everything starts to come along in an incredibly rapid pace. Learning to move from a selfish conduct to one of service is with no doubt the key to success, not only with Transfer Factor Mexico, but in all aspects of our lives. This is a dynamic work in which you experience personal growth day by day. It’s not easy to deal with different people all the time, but we need to understand that, although we come from different families, customs and beliefs, this is something that enriches us and gives us a different perspective in order to achieve our dreams. We thank with all our hearts, our downline, and Platinum International Diamonds Dave and Gabriela Daughtrey, for their support, and especially International Diamond Patricia Navarro Lara, who’s example has led us on each step of this path. But, above all we thank our downline, because with their persistence and determination have become the true builders of this great dream. Thanks so much Aracely and Carlos, Guillermo, Leonor and Antonio, Alejandro, José Antonio, Gabino and all the rest of people who are part of this great team.


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