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International Diamond - US

Islian Velíz

As a holistic medicine practitioner for 20 years, I was searching for some options to share with my patients. In April 2009, I asked God to help me. A friend shared a video with me about 4Life Transfer Factor® in October 2009. At the time, I was working long hours at the clinic every day. As a single mother of two daughters, that lifestyle wasn’t working well for me. As a provider of holistic health I had lost my balance. Initially, my primary interest in 4Life was just the product. Network marketing had left me tired for the past 18 years and I didn’t think I wanted to be involved again. But when I saw the effectiveness of the product and people’s genuine interest, I evaluated my financial situation and decided to go for it. I achieved the International Diamond rank within seven months and began experiencing better financial stability due to the uniqueness of the product, the generous compensation plan, and the company leadership who are all aligned to help those who want to experience success. The biggest inspiration for me to reach my goals is the dreams of my daughters. They have been very patient with me and have believed in me as I have built my business. 4Life gave me back my dignity as a mother and entrepreneur to realize the dreams of my family and of other families who have joined me along the way. Today, I enjoy building my 4Life business with my husband and other family members. It is a profound experience to live a life with purpose and interact every day with human beings who are driven and motivated to change their lives. Don’t let go of this opportunity, it is the greatest blessing for our households. We get paid to meet two important needs: physical health and financial health. The opportunity is ready; we just need to nurture it.


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