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International Diamond - SPAIN

Flora Verresen

Before learning about the 4Life opportunity, I worked for 11 years in management at a multinational corporation. I started developing a part-time business with 4Life in November 2009. Within the next year, I was able to surpass my previous income. With this business, there is both personal and professional growth. Beyond creating a stable, solid, and productive network of worldwide distributors, we are developing a worldwide network of people. To grow and keep growing, it’s fundamental to establish and commit to our personal and team goals. Another source of inspiration for our business is to attend the meetings, events, and international conventions. I would like to thank my son Vincent for his energy and love. I sincerely thank all the people who have helped me, especially Platinum International Diamonds Dr. Herminio Nevárez and Yadira Olivo, Gold International Diamond Carlos Rocha, and my mentor, Presidential Diamond Olaf Pfannebecker. I also want to thank the 4Life staff for their help. Lastly, I want to thank my team for their confidence and support.


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