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Gold International Diamond - SPAIN

Carme Solà Xalabardé

Freedom is a natural right that every human being deserves to enjoy. Freedom is taking control of your personal power, and doing what makes you happy. I have achieved freedom through my own efforts. Nobody has given it to me, and nobody can give it to you, it’s yours to gain if you want it. 4Life has been the perfect vehicle for me to achieve financial freedom; without which, true freedom is impossible. There is nothing more rewarding than generating wealth by helping others. The more you help them, the more you help yourself, isn’t that marvelous? I stay motivated in my 4Life business as I see other people’s quality of life improve. I love seeing them transform into 21st century entrepreneurs who work from the heart, in solidarity with their team, to generate wealth. I really enjoy developing my network and learning from those on my team how to overcome challenges. Each challenge we face in life depends on our attitude. Once this is understood, it can help in every aspect of life. The three years that I have spent with 4Life has made me a better person. Today, I feel totally free to do what makes me happy, and when I am happier, others around me are happier. Feel free to be happy. Feel free to be wealthy. Feel free so others can also be free. Create a legacy of freedom for everyone around you. This is your best contribution: being free! During this convention, I encourage you to breathe in all the essence and power of freedom.


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