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David Phillips

To me, freedom means you have the time and resources to do whatever you want, whenever you want. That is real freedom. Through building a business with 4Life, I was able to free myself from a life of struggle and survival. I stayed very focused, and worked nearly every day. Within two years, I was making more money than ever before. I was on my way to financial freedom. Helping others is my new life focus. Every month, I have money withheld from my check that I donate to Foundation4Life®. I would encourage all 4Life distributors to do the same, even if it is only 4–5 dollars per month. If every distributor would do that, we could raise a million dollars every month. My wife, Nongnut, feels the same way I do. In Thailand, Nongnut donates time, money, food, clothing, and 4Life products to several orphanages to help children in need. The goal of helping others and visualizing more money for Foundation4Life keeps me on the path toward freedom. This wonderful organization is helping thousands of children while 4Life Fortify® provides nutritious food for people in need every month. I feel personally enriched when helping others become free from hunger and poverty. I am grateful to 4Life for the opportunity to pursue personal freedom so that I can give back and help others have freedom also.


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