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International Diamond - US

Roberto Padilla & Merling Rojas

I came to the United States from Seville, Spain 12 years ago. In Spain, I was a top corporate executive, but I was unsatisfied. When I first arrived in the U.S., I got two jobs, in a book shop and a restaurant. Between the two, I was working 17 hours a day. I could not speak English and my prior training and work experience were not very useful. Just two months later, International Diamond Melanio Valdés told me about the opportunities offered by 4Life. At first, I was extremely doubtful; but I was confident enough to sign up as Leader. Although I understood nothing on my first presentation, my impulse to pursue this opportunity was justified. This business felt like a breath of fresh air that translated into hope. From the very first night with 4Life, my life was no longer dark and instead turned into shining daylight. From that night on, my dreams and goals have taken on a definite shape. 4Life has inspired me to begin dreaming.


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