Carlos Lenin Roa & Marjury Chasi my4Life

International Diamond - ECUADOR

Carlos Lenin Roa & Marjury Chasi President's Club

I’m thankful to God for giving me a chance to change my lifestyle through the wonderful 4Life opportunity. Before I was introduced to 4Life, I searched for a way to achieve financial independence. Although I worked long hours, seven days a week, as a telecommunications technician and earned a good income, I didn’t have any free time to enjoy it. Today, my dreams of lifestyle freedom are becoming a reality. I have time to travel and am able to spend quality time with my children and friends. Even though I recognized early on that 4Life was the company I had been looking for, the beginning wasn’t easy. Two factors helped me achieve success in network marketing: the educational system, because it provided me with the knowledge I needed to build strong, stable, and productive network and the 4Life mission to change lives through Together, Building People®. The two factors gave me a greater purpose and kept me motivated. I’m thankful to be part of the International Networkers Team. The team is making history around the world and it has helped me realize that my organization could grow and expand nationally and internationally with the help of God, my family, and my team. We are all a big family of brothers and friends. 4Life is more than a business to me, it’s a lifestyle. One of the things I've learned since joining 4Life is that if you have the courage to pursue your dreams, you can make them come true. You can take control of your life. Do not let life circumstances or other people make decisions for you. Never give up your dreams! Remember that God is with you on the road to success and happiness. Trust him! In 4Life, we have the best opportunity and the best team, and together we can make our dreams come true. The future is very bright!


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