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Gold International Diamond - US

Edison & Claudia Echeverry

The opportunity to be part of the 4Life worldwide family came at one of our most critical times. My job for the past 12 years had been in real estate, and when the market unexpectedly crashed, our hope and dreams did as well. My wife and I had never worked in network marketing prior to when our sponsor, Presidential Diamond Hector Hernandez, shared this opportunity with us. It was then that our lives changed. We have learned a lot in the past two years. We are much happier now because we finally have control of our time. As International Diamonds, we are proud of this accomplishment. But it is also important to recognize that we have changed along the way. In reality, the final goal in this business is not the money. The most important thing we have learned is to build people and build dreams, just like the 4Life motto of Together, Building People. We are working with a team of visionaries and dreamers in our organization. We are committed to helping them in this journey. With 4Life, we are certain that dreams really will come true.


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