Santana Sanjur Batista & Patricia Bernal Gil my4Life

International Diamond - PANAMA

Santana Sanjur Batista & Patricia Bernal Gil

In order to achieve success with your 4Life business, you have to persevere and focus on your goals. You have to stay dedicated. With this type of commitment to our 4Life business, Patricia and I have accomplished much success and we know that you can do the same. Don’t think about what you had yesterday and lost. Focus on the present and don’t fear the future. It’s important to remember that the efforts that you extend today will determine your success tomorrow. By sharing the 4Life opportunity, you’re making the decision to positively impact other peoples’ lives, and at the same time, you’re creating a legacy that you can leave to your children. It’s important to understand that you’re in a business that requires leadership. You need to guide your team members and help them to achieve new ranks, supporting them in this process. However, in order to be a leader, you need to learn to manage yourself. When you master this task, you’re ready to lead others.