Mónica Patricia Escobedo my4Life

International Diamond - PANAMA

Mónica Patricia Escobedo

I heard about the 4Life opportunity through a friend at the gym where I was working as a personal trainer. Later on, I met Presidential Diamond Juan Ricardo Beiles and Presidential Diamond Eric De León, whose support has been tremendous. I decided to build a 4Life business so that I could spend time with my kids during meal time, which I was able to do for 13 years. I fell in love with the company even more once I understood that I could help people financially and support their health. For me, it is a great blessing to help others! I used to have three jobs and work from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm. Now, because of 4Life, I have been able to quit two of my jobs. 4Life gives us great financial stability, including bonuses, trips, and a great legacy for our families. I spend more time with my children and get to spoil them more. I want to thank my kids and my parents, Luly and Pepe Escobedo, who are a great inspiration to me. I also want to thank International Diamond Dr. Said Daibes. Achieving this rank has helped me develop a greater commitment to my team. I will continue practicing the values of the International Networkers Team in order to help others make their dreams come true.


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