Alfonso Acero & Lina Maria Orrego my4Life

Gold International Diamond - COLOMBIA

Alfonso Acero & Lina Maria Orrego

We feel such joy and gratitude to God for helping us realize our goal of achieving the Gold International Diamond rank. We set this goal with our sponsors shortly after we learned about the company in 2007 from Platinum International Diamonds Miguel Bermúdez Marín and William Soto. We finally decided to get serious about building our business in 2011 at the International Networkers Team Convention in Bogota. It was there that we understood the magnitude of the 4Life opportunity. As we listened to Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee, we caught the vision of Together, Building People® and which elevated our desire to help others by sharing the 4Life opportunity with them. Because of this desire, we have now achieved the rank of Gold International Diamond. We’re thankful to our team members who helped us achieve this goal. It’s means so much to us to know that we’re working with thousands of people looking in the same direction and striving for the same goals. We know that if we believe it is possible, we can live our dreams!


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