Alejandro Reinoso & Guelky Álvarez my4Life

International Diamond - ECUADOR

Alejandro Reinoso & Guelky Álvarez President's Club

I’m so glad we made the decision to join 4Life and change our lives for the better! I’m grateful we came across this amazing opportunity through the International Networker’s Team. When I learned about 4Life, I was working in the military as the Chief of Security for the OCP project. I worked long hours, which prevented me from enjoying free time with my family. This is what motivated me to make a radical change in my life and become a 4Life distributor. My husband, Guelky, supported this decision and his continued support has enabled me to achieve success. Since joining 4Life, we have enjoyed financially independent lives. We have traveled the world and visited places we had previously only dreamed of seeing. We can now spend quality time with family members and participate in many activities with our daughter, Rebeka. We also enjoy valuable health support and live healthy lives because of 4Life products.* We are a perfect team and greatly blessed because has God steered our lives in this positive direction!


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