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International Diamond - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

Joel Almonte & Denisse Moreta

I have always pursued success in the business world, thinking that it was the only way to live the life I wanted. Although Denisse and I were both business professionals, we weren’t able to live the lifestyle we desired. I had always wanted to retire early with financial stability. We both felt that networking marketing was the best way to achieve this. Thanks to God, we were introduced to 4Life and were mentored by Gold International Diamonds Dionny Recio and Iván Rodríguez and Marie Márquez, as well as my mother, Miosotis Tejada, who has helped us build our business since the beginning. Today, we have been transformed, thanks to the educational system of the International Networkers Team. We are inspired to be role models to our kids, Aston, Alain, and Nicole Marie, so we can show them the world. We want them to know that a wise decision can change lives. Today, before we have reached the age of 30, we have control over our financial freedom and are able to fulfill our philosophy of service and work for the sake of social causes. We now have freedom to travel the world, enjoy time with family, share in our team’s success, and live a comfortable lifestyle. We desire to leave a legacy to the next generation for a new life with better opportunities. You are designed to succeed!


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