Mohd Zaaba & Dr. Siti Aniza my4Life

International Diamond - MALAYSIA

Mohd Zaaba & Dr. Siti Aniza

Thank God Almighty I was introduced to 4Life! I am glad that I chose to succeed with 4Life and accept the power of passion. Passion is the first step toward success. It changes lives for the better! It changed me and helped the impossible become possible. About eight months ago, I “asked” to achieve the rank of International Diamond and two months ago, I “believed” that I would—and now I have! There is no shortcut to success. It requires sacrifices in various ways. Set and strengthen your targets, be confident, and success is sure to be yours. I send lots of thanks to my beloved wife, Dr. Siti Aniza Basir, our children, and my entire family. Thanks with love to Gold International Diamonds Fadzli Salim and Siti Zuraidah, International Diamond Dr. Sani Ashari, Presidential Diamond Dr. Ruhaizad, Presidential Diamond Sofian Mohd Aris, Presidential Diamond A. Rahman, Presidential Diamond Dr. Mohd Hisham, Presidential Diamond Sofian Mohd Anuar, Presidential Diamond Sutan Takdir, Presidential Diamond Puan Sarina, and all my business partners.


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