Byron López & Maria Cristina Sanchez my4Life

Gold International Diamond - US

Byron López & Maria Cristina Sanchez President's Club

Freedom to me means being in a state or condition where you are free from any slavery imposed by a system. This means you are free to do whatever you want and to enjoy your family and your time. I have taken steps to free myself by sharing the 4Life opportunity with everyone I meet, and by maintaining a commitment with the educational system set up by the International Networkers Team. I am committed to working hard to achieve my dreams. 4Life has helped me obtain freedom. Because of this marvelous opportunity, the unique products, the professional level of service, and through wonderful events such as international conventions, 4Life has helped direct me onto the right path. 4Life Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee are a constant source of inspiration because of their dedication and service. I feel a deep sense of satisfaction when I can help members of my team accomplish their dreams through 4Life. This brings a new sense of energy and inspiration to my business efforts. I know that 4Life has not only helped them, but has also helped me provide a better lifestyle for my family. We are all on a journey towards making our dreams come true and this is what freedom is all about.


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