Mr. Puwanate Buwan my4Life

International Diamond - THAILAND

Mr. Puwanate Buwan

I am the youngest of six children. After my father passed away, our family went through tough financial challenges. After high school graduation, I worked as a credit officer for eight years. I knew I could not reach my goals because my salary wasn’t high enough. So, I got a job as a life insurance agent. I enjoyed a better quality of life, but I was too busy. I never had enough time with my family. My sister International Diamond Mrs. Nongnoot Buwan and Gold International Diamond David Philips introduced me to 4Life. With great products and a fair compensation plan, I realized that people can achieve their dreams with 4Life. My wife and I ask people to join 4Life because it’s a win-win decision. I purchased my first Mercedes-Benz® with money earned through my 4Life business. I hope to retire at the age of 50 years old with a million dollars in my saving account. I am very confident that I can reach my goals with 4Life.


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