Luis Mario & Guadalupe Nevárez my4Life

Gold International Diamond - MEXICO

Luis Mario & Guadalupe Nevárez

After losing my job at the company I had worked at for 18 years, I searched for new options. It was at this time that I learned about the wonderful 4Life opportunity which has changed my life. When we found the 4Life business opportunity, we were tired of working as just employees and were ready for professional growth. We knew this was the right business for us when our family members began enjoying many health benefits from using 4Life Transfer Factor® products.* We love sharing 4Life products and the business opportunity with others, because we know it will help them improve their lives. Thanks to 4Life, we have been able to travel and pursue many of our dreams and goals. Some of our favorite 4Life experiences include attending international conventions and becoming Silver Dollar Award recipients. In order to be successful in 4Life, it’s important to become educated about the products and their many benefits. You must take daily action to build your business and meet your goals. And, remember to always work closely with your team members.


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