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International Diamond - ECUADOR

Iris Sánchez & Jaime Lanas

My husband and I are business professionals with a special love for our 4Life business. In December 2007, we were introduced to 4Life by International Diamonds Alejandro Reinoso and Guelky Álvarez. We’re grateful to them for sharing this opportunity to share 4Life products with us. We started building our business in our spare time and our progress has been wonderful. Like many people, we dreamed about having time freedom and financial freedom. Our son, Emilio José, is the most beautiful thing God has given us. We found ourselves sacrificing time with him, however, in order to achieve a better future for him. It’s ironic that there was much inconsistency between what we wanted and what we did. But, thanks to the love of God, the 4Life opportunity came to our home to enlighten us. We’re committed to sharing 4Life products because we desired to change our lives. We believe that joining 4Life was one of the best things we have ever done. After a year and a half, we were able to begin living our dreams to spend more time together, travel together, and live in the country. We love working every day with a wonderful team of leaders to build the world's largest network, the International Networkers Team.


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