Martha Isabel Acero my4Life

International Diamond - US

Martha Isabel Acero President's Club

I was first introduced to 4Life by Gold International Diamond Alfonso Acero who called me from Colombia. He told me that 4Life is an excellent company and that its products would give me valuable health support. After his enthusiastic introduction to the company, I decided to become a 4Life distributor because I wanted the opportunity to help my loved ones enjoy a better future and I desired to experience personal growth. Also, I felt that my career as teacher prepared me to share this opportunity with others. Thanks to 4Life, I have time to spend with my family and my loved ones are enjoying a better lifestyle, complete with the valuable health support of 4Life’s wonderful products. I’m thankful to God for the opportunity to help many of the world’s disadvantaged children through Foundation 4Life®. It makes me happy to unite with others who are passionate about building a better world and who dignify the lives of others through service. To achieve success with my 4Life business, I look for a way to learn something new every day through reading, listening to motivational speakers, studying business strategies, and reflecting on my own experiences. I dedicate time to plan the work for the day and I set short-term goals that keep me focused on the tasks I need to complete. I believe that everyone who has faith and diligently perseveres in this opportunity has the ability to achieve success. Nothing would make me happier than to see all of the distributors in my organization fulfill their dreams.


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