Dr. Eduard Hutabarat & Katharina Sihombing my4Life

Platinum International Diamond - INDONESIA

Dr. Eduard Hutabarat & Katharina Sihombing

While building my business, I’ve realized that nothing is impossible and we can all achieve our dreams when we focus on team unity and trust. All of my team members can achieve anything they desire, as long as they remain united with the group and stay committed to their goals. I have a very simple philosophy. I believe that everyone is gifted. Having this philosophy has helped me combine all of the different talents of my team members, and make the most of each person’s strengths. When we combine our gifts, we can achieve a high level of success and feel fulfilled. The decision to be successful must come from the individual’s faith in themselves. I love to recognize and edify my team members. This makes them and their team confident. During the course of each team member’s 4Life® journey, walking beside them in every circumstance is my priority. I love to recognize and edify them within their organization. This helps them feel confident. When they feel confident that they are in the right team, nothing can stop us from being united and achieving goals. I’m very blessed to have amazing leaders within my team. They’re all excellent individuals who have unique strengths. I do my best to embrace each of them and always show my appreciation. When we hold events and activities, I give the spotlight to my leaders to help them inspire everyone else and feel good about what they’ve accomplished. Words cannot describe how fulfilling it is for me to see my team members unite and achieve their dreams with 4Life!


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