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At first, we had no results, and we had yet to make any money, but we had what was most important, a clear vision of what was wanted. A vision, a mission, and a purpose are all components of the glue that unites people forming a team. Putting together a team is a great responsibility since as the leader one must be aware that each team member has gifts, talents, and different capacities and abilities. The ability to unite team members so they contribute the best of themselves, using their strengths for the betterment of the team, is mostly what determines the team’s overall success. A team is like a family, they protect one another, communicate, and have a common purpose; they also grow together and value one another. This is what happened to us when we began to work at this opportunity: Juan, Rafaela, Ivan, Lourdes, Ranny, and I—we were united. That was the winning formula that helped all of us grow. We edified one another, we worked together, and didn’t pay attention to which distributors belonged in which downline. When a team member experienced success, we celebrated that success together. We wanted our team members to be successful. Their success became our own. The team became one unit, so much so that the team and the company became united as well. Nothing is more important to 4Life® than their distributors, and 4Life is our great source of pride, they have our loyalty and gratitude. We feel it in our hearts, and we have grown together just like a family. I truly enjoy witnessing other people’s growth. My team’s goals are my goals, their battles are my battles, and their dreams become my dreams. When a team member experiences difficulty, I feel as if it is happening to me. When someone enjoys a moment of happiness, I celebrate it as well. I have witnessed the growth of International Networkers Team over the years. We are many, but we are one because we are united. United, we are a powerful team!