Rohani Abdullah & Tengku Mohd Fauzi my4Life

International Diamond - MALAYSIA

Rohani Abdullah & Tengku Mohd Fauzi

Praise be to Allah! I am grateful to Allah the Almighty. With His blessing, I have achieved the rank of International Diamond. This has not been an easy road for me. Whatever I built in the past would fall apart. But, I never gave up. For me, the most important thing to realize is that giving up means we don’t recognize Allah’s omniscience, which determines everything. We, the humble servants of Allah, can only commit, act with free will, and surrender our fate to Him. For this reason, it never crossed my mind to give up. Instead, with determination and persistence, I worked hard to build my network and in January 2010 my dream became a reality. Success is sweet and nice. I pray that this is only the first step in a long and successful journey. Let me take this opportunity to convey my highest thanks to those who I rely on: Platinum International Diamond Sheri Din, Gold International Diamond Akram Din, International Diamond Sukoriah, International Diamond Mariah, Presidential Diamond Hanizan, Presidential Diamond Mek Zaharah, Presidential Diamond Ustazah Nora, Presidential Diamond Rohani Lateh, Presidential Diamond Tengku Zainal Fitri, as well as the Qualified Diamonds Zaiton, Zaki, Hanisah, Kak Shukriah/Cikgu Nawi, Zainuddin Wan Aminah, all of the people in my network, and my colleagues. A million thanks to my husband and children for their sacrifice and valuable support. Lastly, I give many thanks to 4Life for creating a wonderful opportunity for success.


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