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Gold International Diamond - PANAMA

Eduardo León Marín Aristizábal

Freedom means joining with the Creator to get a full vision of the 4Life opportunity in order to achieve my goals. Because of the 4Life, I am able to work hard to make my dreams come true for the benefit of my family and to better serve others. I am able to achieve my goals by developing strong convictions, working closely with my team, and by developing things from the ground up. Through the support of the educational system, I have learned how to do things the right way while remaining teachable. This training has been invaluable to me and has helped me grow as an individual. By applying what I’ve learned, my life has been transformed. I came from a background of terrible poverty, along with drug and alcohol abuse. I went from selling worthless things on the streets with no future to traveling all over the world. Now I enjoy a life of financial freedom and can spend more time with my wife and kids, as well as support my mother and siblings. Being an instrument of service to others is very fulfilling. I’m not only able to help many people transform their lifestyle and better support their health, but I’m also able to take part in social programs to support those in need. The benefits of working in the network marketing industry keep me moving forward. Working for 4Life is very gratifying. Teamwork is an essential aspect of this industry, and helps to create an environment where relationships grow and friendships remain genuine and authentic. Because of my testimony, I am able to impact peoples’ lives, and support their transformation as entrepreneurs who make their dreams come true.


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