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International Diamond - MEXICO

Sabino & Abigail Castañeda

The four most important things in our lives are God, family, health, and work. Our lives were out of balance. We didn’t have time to dedicate to God or to our family and stress was affecting our health. We were giving our energy, time, and lives to our jobs. Instead of providing for our lives, our jobs were our lives. With this realization, we began our quest to change our lifestyle. Although we could find jobs with less responsibility and less stress, it was difficult to exchange management positions for lower-ranking positions. We decided to start our own business. We were advised to look for a franchise in a niche market, but we discovered that it would be a very expensive investment. We searched for a less-expensive option like opening a convenience store, but we knew it would be impossible to maintain our full-time jobs and attend to the needs of a new business. As we resigned ourselves to focus again on being good employees, International Diamond Rosa Elva Castañeda and Gold International Diamond Wilfredo Vélez told us about the 4Life opportunity. Initially we weren’t interested, but the seeds of hope were sown. We contemplated whether we would be able to get started on this opportunity without leaving our jobs and wondered if this opportunity would make it possible for us to quit our jobs in the future. These questions stayed in our heads as hope grew in our hearts, and finally, we joined 4Life. Today, because of 4Life, we’ve been able to quit our jobs and we know that every minute we dedicate to this opportunity will reflect directly in a better future for ourselves, our families, friends, community, and country. Over the next few years, we’ll focus on working hard and growing our network, so that we can accomplish our goal of helping our parents enjoy the best years of their lives. We also want to share 4Life’s message of hope with people in every corner of the globe. If you really want to change the course of your life, start today, without making excuses or dwelling on obstacles. Do what you can, where you are, with what you have. After all, a stationary train can’t move even a tiny stone, but a moving train can run through walls. Start today to take control of your life!


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