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Maris Dreimanis

For me, freedom is moving towards your dreams. It is the opportunity to live wherever you like, and do whatever you enjoy. Freedom is being completely in charge of your time, and establishing your own priorities. However, one of the conditions to doing all this is having enough money. 4Life® gives me this kind of freedom. I realized this fact at the age of 16, when I started my own flower company. I then started other businesses and became an entrepreneur. I built and ran companies, some with over 150 employees. I was successful in all my endeavors. I had good money, but my freedom was conditional—I remained the servant of my business. Yet, I still felt that financial freedom was out there. I just needed to find it. I was introduced to network marketing for the first time in 1992 while working in the insurance business and later in the wellness industry. In 2004, I became acquainted with 4Life, and worked at it to supplement my traditional business. In 2009, I decided to work exclusively with 4Life. Amazingly enough, within two years I sold my traditional business, and now I am finally free! The 4Life opportunity has given me a foundation on which to build a secure future, and the chance to show others how they too can achieve this financial freedom. I am inspired when I see people start to trust in themselves and their own abilities. We have created our own training system, a system that helps people believe in themselves, and we see the results through 4Life!