Dr. Ricaurte Samaniego & Joanna Martino my4Life

Gold International Diamond - PANAMA

Dr. Ricaurte Samaniego & Joanna Martino

Freedom, for me, is the right to choose. Do I wake up or sleep in? Should I go to work or stay home? Freedom lets me order what I want at a restaurant without worrying about the cost of the meal. It lets me buy a dress without checking the price tag. Freedom gives me peace of mind. I joined 4Life eight years ago. During that time, I have seen a company with a spectacular and balanced incentive plan that allows distributors to generate freedom by endorsing its marvelous and effective 4Life Transfer Factor® products. This creates a network of consumers from around the world, who can actively participate in getting paid a portion of the completed sales. It doesn’t matter what country that person is from, as long as they buy, we can each benefit from the residual income that allows us to improve our quality of life. Because I myself am a doctor, my purpose has always been to save people’s lives. However, I didn’t know how to put an end to the poverty that affects so many people, or how to cure mediocrity and lack of education. Thanks to God and our training program—designed by the International Networkers Team and endorsed by 4Life—I have been able to cure many of these ills. I have discovered my life’s purpose and the perfect vehicle that will help us all succeed: 4Life Research™ is our passport to freedom!


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