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Gold International Diamond - SPAIN

Nidia Pinzón López

Freedom means not having to live under the rules, conditions, and limits of someone else. It means not having your life programmed and ordered by others. Freedom is the right and ability to act according to your own will; to act, think, feel, choose, and express yourself without any fear. To achieve my own freedom, I had to start by conquering doubts. I had to identify my strengths and weaknesses, and then work hard to eliminate those weaknesses. For anyone to do this requires courage, humility, honesty, self-assurance, and self-control. I believe 4Life has helped me take these necessary steps to achieve the freedom I have always dreamed of. In truth, 4Life has changed my life perspective, revealing a new path for me, a path to success, wealth, and prosperity. One of the greatest satisfactions I find today in 4Life is sharing the dream with others—helping them to reach their potential. Sharing brings a higher purpose to one’s life, and as the saying goes, he who doesn’t live to serve doesn’t serve to live.


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