Ramon Mendoza my4Life

Gold International Diamond - PHILIPPINES

Ramon Mendoza President's Club

I had a dream that I could send one million poor Filipino children to school by 2020. That was my vision that I nurtured and strived to turn into a reality. However, my family faced a financial challenge a few years ago that set back my plans. The stress and anxiety of this situation took a toll on my health and led to illness. I was down on my knees in prayer asking God to help me. During 2005, God’s help came in the form of my friend who introduced me to 4Life Transfer Factor®. It wasn’t until 2009 that I decided to focus on 4Life as my full-time career, and because of this decision my organization started to grow at an unprecedented rate. With 4Life, my long-awaited dreams came true one by one. Our children continued their education at a good school, we acquired a brand-new van, we began construction on a beautiful new home, and our family trips abroad started happening. As an International Diamond, I feel greatly inspired and motivated to go to the next step and become a Gold International Diamond. I am also praying that my leaders will achieve this rank with me. Being a Gold International Diamond will enable me to pursue my goals and help other people’s dreams come true. This is my formula for success: 1) Pray for wisdom because it frees you from committing too many mistakes. 2) Dream big. It’s free and there are no limits as to how much God can bless us. 3) Be self-reliant. There are times when all you’ve got is you. 4) Spend time nurturing relationships with family and friends. At the end of the day, after all the hard work and endless struggle to succeed, one thing remains: God is the ultimate giver. I thank God above all for my life and its limitless beauty. I am also very grateful to my wife, Traihne, and my four boys for their continued support and understanding. The encouragement I get from my outstanding partners in this business is something that brings fulfillment, as well. One of the most important things I learned in undertaking the 4Life business is to always build bridges between people, prioritize relationships, and live the true essence of Together, Building People®. As Dale Carnegie said, “No one wants to be scolded nor insulted, wound them and you will lose them forever.” For me, life is too short to be spent bickering and putting people down. We should all enjoy the goodness that 4Life brings and make sure we build people up by bringing out the best in each other—not just as professionals, but as people—because in the end, we all deserve to be successful in life.

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