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International Diamond - PANAMA

Luz Payán & Luis Chu Payán

Even though we had many economic limitations and lived in a tough, poor neighborhood, my family taught me many values including the importance of hard work. From a very young age, I recognized these limitations, so I looked at my studies as a door toward overcoming this economic barrier. I was blessed to receive several scholarships to study at excellent universities outside of Panama, which otherwise would have been a difficult goal to achieve. I earned an MBA and had good professional experience. I worked as a consultant for independent businesses, especially within the Chinese market. It wasn’t easy to live in countries like Argentina, Japan, and Taiwan while I looked for the golden opportunity that would help me raise my family. I came back to Panama to reorganize my life and that is when God blessed me with 4Life®. I didn't know anything about network marketing and was blessed to connect with the educational system of the International Networker’s Team. Only God could have sent this wonderful team of wise mentors and excellent leaders to me. Although I’ve always been a dreamer and a fighter, I didn’t know that all the difficult experiences that had happened in my life were just a training camp for me, where God was preparing me as a business leader for this kind of moment. Today, I’m part of the best company and the best team, and we’re bringing hope, opportunity, and a sword to anyone willing to fight for their freedom, their dreams, a better lifestyle, and a long-lasting legacy. These victories that we accomplish transcend our lives and families, and enable us reach out and serve others through Foundation 4Life®. I’m thankful to God for bringing 4Life and the International Networker’s Team into my life!


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