Rasid Kamisan & Hasrunita my4Life

Gold International Diamond - MALAYSIA

Rasid Kamisan & Hasrunita

Freedom is the right to be whatever you want—the ability to live life to its fullest with no limitations. Freedom is the will to visualize and then materialize one’s dreams. But first and foremost, it is imperative to qualify and quantify one’s dreams; progressing from thoughts to words, followed by actions to habits, and eventually, results! 4Life is that ultimate vehicle to transport one’s dreams from vision to reality. I always imagine 4Life Transfer Factor® as the chassis, its business philosophy as the engine, and I, the proud driver-in-charge. It starts with altruism and the heart to want to help others. As the saying goes, give a man a fish and he'll only eat for a day. But if I teach him to fish, then he'll eat for lifetime. With 4Life, I know I am empowering others with the knowledge to free themselves from health and financial woes while liberating them to be able to commit their time and efforts to aid those in need. Be thankful to God Almighty regardless of the situation! And always pray for collective success as we work together towards a common goal. Remember, the higher you climb, the more you need someone you can trust on the ground. The 4Life family promises just that.


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