Tan Peng Teck & Carmen my4Life

International Diamond - MALAYSIA

Tan Peng Teck & Carmen

The 4Life opportunity has changed my life and the lives of my family members. We have tried many things to achieve success including running our own business and working 18-hour days. We were struggling when 4Life came to us and saved our lives. With 4Life, we now enjoy the kind of freedom that existed only in our dreams. All of the hard work, challenges, and rejection that we have faced have been worth it. Through guidance from 4Life, our upline, and especially Gold International Diamonds Richard and Nancy Quek, we have experienced how 4Life products can change people’s lives. We really appreciate all of the guidance that we have received over the last three years from those who have shared their experiences with us. To us MLM stands for “making life meaningful.” Teamwork has made us stronger, wiser, and has helped us expand our business throughout Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and India.


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