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Gold International Diamond - SINGAPORE

Salim Raghavan & Noor Azlina

Free will is the ability to choose happiness. This is true freedom. Seven years ago, my perception of happiness was having a stable job and earning a sustainable income to take care of my family. The ability to take control of my own career, or even excel in it, never crossed my mind until the day I was introduced to 4Life. This opportunity changed my mind set, giving me a new perspective and the courage to quit my job as a technician. With my newfound outlook, I set out to be a full-time business builder with 4Life. The initial steps along the path were difficult. I experienced a lot of setbacks and disappointment at first in the industry. Now, looking back, I’m so thankful my family and business partners had such unyielding faith in me. 4Life has opened so many doors in my life, taking me to amazing places. It has provided me with the opportunity to share my knowledge and success with others. Today, coupled with teachings from my religion, it is an honor for me to shoulder the responsibility of spreading the wonderful blessing of 4Life with others and to help make a difference in their lives. It is now your turn to believe in your abilities and what you can achieve by helping others unleash their potential! 4Life is the passport to freedom!


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